Wooden Airplane Plans – Children’s Wooden Toy Plans and Projects

Whether you want to build your toy plane with one wing or two sing, basically, you just employ the same design. If you want to have wooden biplane, you just need to add the connecting struts and the upper wing!



  • ¾” (18mm) wood for the plane body
  • Band saw or jigsaw
  • ¼” plywood for thinner propeller and wings

Making Steps

Step 1. Download the templates for the plane. Cut all pieces and attach each template onto the wood with adhesive spray.

Step 2. Cut all the shapes for the plane parts. The parts should be the propeller, the tail wing, the wing (will be divided into two as for the biplane), and the fuselage.

Step 3. For one winged plane, divide the wood equally into two parts; one template needs to be attached onto the wood. If you use some plywood, you don’t need to cut the board into two.

Wooden Airplane Plans – Children’s Wooden Toy Plans and Projects

Step 4. For two winged plane, before splitting the board into two, make some holes as for the struts. By doing so, you only need to make four holes and not eight holes and these holes will be lining up perfectly when the struts are being attached into the dowels.

Step 5. Sand all plane pieces for smooth edges. Don’t remove the templates from the wood as they can be really helpful for sanding the pieces perfectly in line.

Step 6. Mark the spot for drilling the holes which are going to be used to insert the dowels’ wheels. The spot can be easily recognized once the template is removed.

Step 7. Use the router to make round hole around the fuselage edges.


Step 8. You can use the sandpaper to make lots of sanding in order to smooth the sharp edges.


Step 9. For drilling two holes onto the wood as for the wheel supports, use the drill press. If you work on the biplane, drill the holes throughout the way.


Step 10. Then, drill one hole on each wheel dowel as to place the wheel axle.

Wooden Airplane Plans – Children’s Wooden Toy Plans and Projects

Step 11. Glue each wheel support dowel into each wing hole and ensure that all the holes to place plane’s axle rod are lined up.


Step 12. Then, glue plane’s tail wing into its place.

Step 13. For the biplane, make sure to glue all four struts. Then, attach all wings.

Step 14. After that, glue each dowel onto each wing hole.

Wooden Airplane Plans – Children’s Wooden Toy Plans and Projects

Step 15. Glue all wheels onto plane’s axle carefully so that the wheels are not attached into the wheel supports.


Step 16. After the wheels are installed, cut the remaining axle ends.

Step 17. Then, drill one hole into plane’s nose and insert the screw to install plane’s propeller.

Step 18. Spray the plane with some spray lacquer. You can also paint the plane by yourself.

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