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As a carpenter, it doesn’t feel alright to see the empty house corner? of course there should be something to fit the space and one of the best options for this purpose is a side table. It could be used as vase, statue or photos holder. Equipped yourself with the materials, process and making steps.

Materials Preparation

There are several things that should be prepared by the carpenters before starting the project. Some of these properties are a piece of 2x10x10 inches board. For the connectors, provide 1 or more 2 ½ inches pocket screws. The other tools are wood glue, sand paper, wood filler and paint.

Loop Drawing

Now the wood makers need to cut two pieces of 18 ½ inches long board. Make the edge straight by trimming it around ¼ inches. Then, drill five pocket holes on one of them. Stick those two boards with glue and screw. After dried, make an 18 inches circle on the boards.

Side Table Plan

Pattern Drawing

Next, it is time to draw the pattern. The carpenter could download the pattern online and print it. Make sure to set the printer to 100%, not “fit to page”. There are several choices for the length of the legs. They are 23 and 27 inches. Each of them are available in the sites.

The carpenters should pay attention to the amount of legs each length should have. If the wood makers plan to build multiple table, then make one final product and use it as the carbon copy. It will save time and ease the pattern drawing procedure.

Side Table Plan

Material Cutting

To cut the pattern and table top, the carpenter could make use of band saw. It is also possible to use scroll saw or jig saw. Don’t forget that the curves should have periodic relief cut, so the wood could be shaped beautifully. Then, sand both table top and the legs to remove the rough edges.

Side Table Plan

Parts Assembling

The last part will be connecting the legs and the table top. Start with the legs first. Join two of them by adding ¾ inches wood at the wider part. Drill 2½ inches pocket hole and push a screw into it. Repeat for the 3rd and 4th legs. Make sure to vary the location of the pocket holes.

Now it is time to join the top and the legs. Create a small pre-drill on the table crook in the center and leg necks. Drill 2 ½ inches screw as many as needed.


Side Table Plan

Having a nice table side in the corner of the room will surely add brightness to the room. As long as the carpenters follow the mentioned steps, the product will be pretty as imagined. Be careful while drawing the patterns and carving the curve. Once this step passed, the other parts will follow.

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