How to Make Shoe Cabinet – Hidden Storage

Are you crazy about shoes? If yes, you must have collected so many shoes that you need a shoe cabinet to keep them organized. Don’t let your shoes mess around on the floor. Store them well, keep them well, and make sure they are always clean by building your own shoe cabinet with hidden storage. Did you just say “Can I make it my own?” Definitely! We have the guidance for you below:

  • Prepare all the materials. Apart from the woods, you may need Pocket Hole Machine from Kreg, the DB210 one and Kreg Hig K4 Hole System. Those two tools are perfect to get your job done!

  • Start assembling the pieces of the shoe cabinet and use pocket holes for securing the attachment. The pocket holes will make the assembly clean and easy.

How to Make Shoe Cabinet

  • Continue the assembly with another side of the shoe cabinets. Until this step, you can even start to see the cabinet is ready to be filled with your shoes! In choosing the measurement for the drawers of your shoe cabinet, you need to measure how big the space your shoes need.

How to Make Shoe Cabinet

  • Make sure you take the measurement based on your heels height and your shoe size. You can also customize the shelves to provide enough space for your purses, shoes, bag, etc.
  • Use metal drawer slides for the cabinet’s pull out drawer. Don’t forget to use your slide frawer jig toll, the one from Kreg Tool Company. This drawer slide jig really makes the installment of the slides of the drawer way easier.

  • Once the shoe cabinet is built, fill all the holes using wood filler from DAP. To apply the filler, you need to use putty knife. You actually can use your fingers to fill the holes or any openings if you don’t have the knife.

How to Make Shoe Cabinet

  • Last but not least, give your shoe cabinet finishing. In this example, the finishing uses custom stain. The stain is made of the mixture of Dark Walnut and Classic Grey from Minwax. As your reference, use the Classic Grey in 60% of bigger quart can and then dumb a smaller can of Dark Walnut to the grey. Mix them together. Now, you have vintage grey as a finishing.
  • Let the stain dry before you storing your shoes in the cabinet.

Isn’t it easy? There are a lot of parts in those steps above that you can modify to personalize your shoe cabinet. So, design it, build it, and finish it based on what you like!

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