Learn How to Make A Round Wood Mirror – DIY

A mirror is always a delight in every room for enhancing the atmosphere. The wooden framed mirror is no less. Make it yourself and save some bucks for the same style.

Step 1. Materials and Tools


  • Mirror clips
  • Polyurethane
  • Pre-stain wood conditioner
  • Wood stain
  • Stainable wood filler
  • Wood glue
  • 4 – 2 ½” Kreg screws
  • 1 – 2×6 @ 10 ft boards
  • 24” round frameless mirror


  • ½” or ¾” thick scrap plywood or circle router jig
  • ½” or ¼” shank straight router bit
  • Router
  • Miter saw
  • Drill
  • Kreg jig

Step 2. Cut 2x6x10 boards to desired sizes

Determine the size of your wood mirror frame. In this project, the dimension of the mirror frame is suitable for 24” mirror. You can make any adjustment on the size of the frame as to meet your mirror diameter. The diagram can be used for the guideline on how to measure the wood frame size.

Cut four 26” long wood pieces with 45 degrees angles on both sides from 2x6x10 lumber. You can cut the wood with miter saw. The height of the wood is about 5.5” tall.


Step 3. Give marking and drill some pocket holes

After all four woods are ready; lay them out onto the ground forming a square. Place the mirror onto the frame center and mark the mirror shape onto the frame using a pencil. After marking the mirror shape onto the wood frame, the diameter of the mirror is around 7/8” to 1” measured from the mirror edge up to the frame corner.

Mark the line ½” of the inside part of the square from the mirror mark line. The marking will be used to determine the frame thickness so that you can decide where to make the pocket hole drilling.

Make sure to drill the pocket holes precisely in the middle of the mirror frame or you will make unnecessary mistake and have to re-do the work one more time. Use only one pocket hole on each corner of the mirror frame.

Round Mirror DIY
Round Mirror DIY

Step 4. Attach all pieces of the mirror frame altogether

After the pocket hole is already set, attach all pieces of the frame to create square shape. You can connect all pieces using wood glue and 2 ½” screws.

Round Mirror Frame DIY  

Step 5. Set up the router circle jig

Build the circle jig as for your router. Or, if you want to, you can purchase any router circle jig just like in the picture. You can build your own circle jig from 1×6 scrap woods. Cut this scrap wood into 17” length. Besides using scrap wood, you can use ½” or ¾” plywood.

On this wood, make a circle with a pencil and then drill it out from the wood for the router bit. Then, insert the circle jig into the router and secure the joint using some screws. After that, secure 2×6 scrap piece into the work surface center with some screws.

Round Mirror Frame DIY

Round Mirror Frame DIY

Step 6. Cut the mirror frame using circle jig

Make necessary adjustments on the diameter of the circle frame for accurate cut. In this project, the circle diameter is 25.5”, and then the circle jig needs to be 12.75”. Place the router bit also in 12.75” and also count for ¼” thickness of the router bit. After the diameter is set, drill 12 5/8” small hole from the router bit from the jig bottom side.

Drill a screw throughout pilot hole at the center of the work surface in which it is used as for the center of the square frame. Before cutting the square frame, recheck the measurement once more time. Then, line up the router bit along the top edge of the circle frame.

Round Wood Mirror DIYRound Wood Mirror DIY

Step 7. Cut the mirror frame using the router bit

Secure the mirror frame on the work surface using some counter sunk screws. Start the router bit to make slight circle cut around the mirror frame. Do this circling two or three times until the depth of the cut is around ¼” to ½”.

You can use the vacuum to get rid of the sawdust. The outer edge of the mirror frame is completed. After the outer cut is finished, make inner cut for the mirror frame. Use the same method as the outer cut. Do the cut carefully. You have to make the cut so that the thickness of the mirror frame is 1”.

 Round Wood Mirror DIYRound Wood Mirror DIY   Round Wood Mirror DIY

Step 8. Cut the rabbet at the back of mirror frame

Apply the same step #6 and #7 to cut the rabbet for the back side of the mirror frame.

wood mirror frame

Step 9. Do some finishing touch

Sand all frame surfaces before staining or painting the frame. You can use any sander. Fill all pocket holes near the edges. Give some finishing using wood conditioner, apply stain color that you like, and also coat the frame with some polyurethane.

Then, after the frame is ready, you can attach the mirror through the rabbet. Secure the mirror with mirror clips and screws. Then, hang your mirror onto the wall that you like.

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