Wooden Castle Plans – Step by Step with Pictures

Step 1. Prepare the materials

The materials for the project are:

  • Find big plywood as the castle base. In this project, the plywood needed for the base of the castle is about 35-40cm x 35-40cm. The base area all depends on how width is the surrounding area such as grassed area, moat area, etc.
  • Prepare four posts sized around 30cm to make the vertical posts. The posts need to be strong and sturdy. Round dowel is actually a good option, or clean and straight tree branches.
  • Prepare four posts of the same length as the horizontal posts. For these posts, use different wood from the base. You can use the same wood as for the castle walls. Choose pine wood or something similar to it.
  • Prepare 12 pieces of wood sized 10cm for the walls. You can prepare some more just in case.
  • If you have problem cutting the wood for the posts, you can ask for help from someone experiencing with the saw to prepare the materials for the castle.

Step 2. Build the castle walls

  • Start making four vertical posts for the castle sides. Glue all vertical posts onto the board. To measure the location for these vertical posts, slide in all horizontal posts onto the board. At every end of the horizontal post, attach and glue the vertical posts. One post at every corner! Attach all horizontal posts onto the board and secure the joint using the glue.

  • Build the castle walls. Glue all 10cm pieces of wood into a piled style on the horizontal posts’ top. Prepare the walls for all sides of the castle. Secure the joint using glue.

Wooden Castle Plans

  • Give some gaps for the castle drawbridge. Make one hole on one side of the wall. Measure the height and width of the gap as your choice. It will be used as the castle entrance. This entrance will be completed with the drawbridge. You can use the drawbridge plank as the measurement of this gap.

Wooden Castle Plans

  • Look at the design of the castle! As you finish gluing and piling the pieces, your castle should be similar to the castle seen in the picture.

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Step 3. Decorate the castle and its surrounding area

  • For this project, the castle is painted in grey. You can paint the castle as you like. The paint can be the poster paint or acrylic paint with some PVA glue.

Wooden Castle Plans

  • For the surrounding, paint the grass area in green. Make around 7.5cm gap for the moat. This moat will be between the grass and the castle wall.

  • Take a black marker to draw the lines horizontally and vertically to make the castle bricks. It is just optional. If you think that this step is difficult, just draw some bricks around the edges of the castle to create the brickwork impression.

  • Coat the moat in light blue to represent the river.

Wooden Castle Plans

  • Build the drawbridge. Use some matchstick or craft sticks or other similar materials to build a drawbridge form. Make some cross sticks to support the sticks altogether. Make sure that this drawbridge is perfectly fit into the gap width that has been made previously.

  • Prepare wool or other string to make the rope for the drawbridge. Plait the wool or the string so that it is strong enough to hold the drawbridge. Connect the rope into the bridge and then into the wood. Attach a thumbtack or any similar material for keeping the drawbridge in its upright position.

  • Add some royalty, villagers, horses, and knights to play the castle with.

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