Are your children fans of Batman? Do you want to get Batman-themed furniture for their rooms? You don’t need to buy one! You can make your own Batman shelf with only pine wood, drill, jigsaw, sand paper, wood glue, and clamps. What else? You need the following guides to make it:

  • Get a batman shelf plan and then trace it of the bookshelf. You can use illustrator to trace it. Then, print the plan on A4-sized paper, cut the plan, and draw the plan on your wood panel.

  • Next, cut the two wood panels and screw them to prevent them from moving. Cut the wood using a jigsaw. Then, make a wood guider so that you can trace the shape of the interior. Also, drill some holes. Then, scoop out the wood shape of the Batman.

Making A Batman Shelf

  • Next, assemble the wood skeleton. In assembling it, make sure you already decide your bookshelf’s depth. If you decide the depth to be 25 cm, for example, you will need to cut a wooden stick in 25 cm long. To prevent the shelf from breakage at any sensate locations, try to strengthen the shelf’s structure with harder wooden parts.

  • The next step is gluing all the parts together. Use a set square to help you with the gluing process to make sure every stick is properly glued. Wait for about 24 hours to make sure the structure of the wood is firm and done.

  • Before starting to do this step, go get lots of clamps. In this step, you need to bend the wood. First, take your sewing meter and take the measures. The meter ribbon will perfectly fit the wood curves to get an accurate measurement. Then, use your finger to make the joint in between different parts and to apply the wood glue joint

  • Next, make wall fixation using the square. Use a simple square system to help you attach the batman shelf to the wall. You can also use brackets to fix the shelf to the wall and to function as a rest book.

  • After all the parts of the wood are glued and bended, you need to sand all the rough edges of the wood using an oscillating sander and a grinder. After that, continue working with the wall fixation.

  • Then decorate the shelf. You can actually leave the natural aspect of the wood though. Here, the batman shelf was decorated with comic pages.

  • Finally, arrange any comics and books on the shelf.

Batman Shelf

Danny K
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