Beginner Info: Hand Tool Projects & Tips for Woodworkers

In the modern era, many things are invented and change the paradigm of the wood makers. Nowadays, many workers prefer to use the modern tool rather than the manual hand tool project. Even though the automatic machine cuts the time to make something, hand tool has its own unique charm. While learning about the art of wood furniture, you might also find that some items are better made using hand tools.

  1. Start From Small Project

No matter how enthusiastic you are, there is no need to go abroad with your first project. Put in mind that you have to learn a lot of new things such as the name and function of the tools, the operation system of each tool, and even the designing the whole items. However, a miniature project is not recommended at all. It might require you to learn even more than the listed lessons.

The ideal project to start with is real size table making. You could also choose the other wood furniture to make, as long as they give you the chance to learn the basic skills of a wood makers.

  1. Practice Single Joint

If you are going to make 3D objects, your first consideration must be the way to connect several sides. Usually, the wood makers will carve joint on the board and install it to the pair. For your information, there are a lot of joint types you could apply. Instead of mixing all joints at once, take the simplest one: single joint. It helps you to learn and practice diligently. Later on, go further by combining two or three joints for one projects.

  1. Take The Real Material

Pine wood is often used as the learning material for beginners. Why? Because it gives many advantages and handicap. Unfortunately, pine wood delivers two disadvantages for beginners. The first one, it never represents what it is like to work with the real hardwood. Moreover, you might not get the fine material as you don’t know yet how to choose it. Thus, the best option is to spend a little bit more money and purchase hardwood board.

If one has to mention the disadvantage of hand tool, it would be the skills and sense. The equipment works based on the wood makers’ mood and mind. Thus, it takes practices before you could do everything smoothly. Instead of focusing on the process, you should look at what you might be able to produce: a unique masterpiece with your own touch!

Danny K
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