DIY Farmhouse Serving Tray From a Cutting Board

If you have cutting board and you never use it, you should consider transforming it into a serving tray with farmhouse style. The rustic look makes it stylish while you practically need small things to make it. Learn how to make it from the plan below.

Step 1. Supplies for the project

The materials and tools needed to make this farmhouse serving tray are:

  • Hand saw or electric saw
  • Drill and wood screws (to mount the handles)
  • Cabinet or drawer handles
  • Sand paper
  • Brad nailer sized 1 ¼” nails
  • Wood glue
  • 1×4 whitewood board

Step 2. Cut the 1×4 white boards into four pieces sized 18”.

Step 3. Glue all four pieces using the wood glue together. Make sure that all pieces are even. Then, measure the tray width and cut two more pieces as the tray ends to meet the measurements. The tray width for the project is 13 ¾”.

DIY Farmhouse Serving Tray From a Cutting Board

Step 4. Attach the two ends of the tray using the wood glue. Then, secure the joint using the nails. You can use the nail gun if you have. But, you can also use hammer and some finish nails. Make sure to nail the pieces from the top of each board up to the underneath board. Your tray is ready.

DIY Farmhouse Serving Tray From a Cutting Board

Step 5. After the tray is ready, now it is time to do the finishing touch. First, sand all tray surfaces. Concentrate also on each edge. Make sure that you don’t have sharp edges and all parts of the tray are smooth and nice.

Step 6. Apply some coat on the tray. This project applies the stain coat on to the tray. The stain is walnut color. Besides walnut, you can use driftwood. The tray after the stain is being applied is as seen in the picture.

DIY Farmhouse Serving Tray From a Cutting Board

Step 7. After the stain is dry, paint the tray with white latex paint coat. You can apply more than one paint coat. It is better to have two or three paint coats.

Step 8. Sand the tray between the paint coats. When sanding the finish coat, use sandpaper and sand it manually by hand. It will help you to sand all edges and all surfaces until you find that the stain is uncovered and the tray looks rusty or old enough.

DIY Farmhouse Serving Tray From a Cutting Board

Step 9. Then, for final step, apply two coats of polyurethane.

Step 10. After the final coat is dry, it is time to attach the handles.

DIY Farmhouse Serving Tray From a Cutting Board

That’s it! Your tray is finished. You can now use your serving tray whenever you have your friends coming into your house. Now, you can try making this cute serving by yourself. You can make any necessary adjustments on the size of the tray and also the handle décor. Good luck!

Danny K
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