Essential Woodworking Tool For Beginners

For those who are interested in wood carving, having the right tool would bring your heart at ease. At least, you have the weapons on your hand. Learning how to utilize each and every item would be the next step to do. Be prepared to absorb as many theories as possible, before you put your skills into practice.

Circular Saw

You actually have two choices for saw; the table saw and circular saw. Both could do the cutting project well, slicing the thin to medium board to smaller pieces. If you compare the accuracy, table and circular saw are on the same level. Circular saw, however, had one higher point from table saw: its steadiness while cutting. It is also the better option for the first timers who are on tight budget.

Power Drill

You must have expected this tool to pop up in the list. Although the corded type starts losing its reputation, it still performs greats despite of its limited mobility. In addition, the price is cheaper than the cordless one. When you purchase the drill, make sure to put the eye drills on the shopping list. You want the 3/8 inch and ½ inch drill. Fit yourself to the keyed or key less eye drill change.


If you only have circular saw on the table, how are you planning to cut the circular and curvy lines? That is why you must never cross a jigsaw from your list. A bandsaw could do better job, but a beginner should be good with the manual one. Observe the blade when the staff offers two products to you. It is suggested to take the jigsaw that could change the blade.

Random Orbital Sander

Cutting and carving will leave rough surface on the wood. The way to make it smooth is by sanding the surface. If you are working on small project, it is okay to use sand paper. However, big project would call for bigger and more efficient machine like random orbital sander.

Table Saw

For this tool, you can’t compromise with the price. Purchasing the best table saw one is a must, since you are going to put the tools and raw materials on it. Each brand offers different features. You just have to pick the one that fits for your projects.


Great skills without good tools won’t make a terrific result. If you already have the basic tools, you could aim for moderate to high quality of final product. Make sure you memorize the name and how to use it. Remember that some tools are meant to carve rough and reclaimed surface. Now it’s time to choose your first project!

Danny K
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