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What is the best way to reach high shelves? Some people step on the chair, while the other only need to stand on their tip toes. Actually, there is a way to ensure the person’s safety. Build the simple chair steps. It could be done within a day and used for months and even years!

Cut The Board

There are two separated parts of the step tools. It explains why the wood makers should make a lot of cuts in the beginning. Once-inch plywood would be the main material in this project. Prepare four pieces of 16×2 inches for the front and back frame.

Chair Step Stool Plan

The rest of the parts require  two pieces only. For example, the size of small frame is 5×10, while the large frame is 10×2 inches. The back legs should be 13 ¼ x 2 inches, while the front is shorter: 9×2 inches with 10 degrees off the square. For the middle support, it is 9×2 and the steps 17×8 inches.

Build The Frame

Build the frame first. The carpenter will need four cut of 16x1x2, two cuts of 5x1x2 and two pieces of 10x1x2  inches plywood. Then, take the five and ten inches one and drill each board end. For these boards, take the 1 ¼ pocket holes.  All these cuts should build two frame for the step.

Chair Step Stool Plan

Attach Legs

It is easier to start with the smaller frame. For the board, take two pieces of 13 ¼ boards. Both of them should be flushed to the top and back. Use wood glue and 1 ¼ inch screws.

Now take the nine inches board with 10 degree cut on the edge. Put them on the front frame without losing the balance of the back leg. Then, glue and screw the board.

Take the other 6×2 inches boards. Miter the end to 10 degree. It would be the front leg of the bigger frame. The carpenter should repeat the process done to the smaller frame.

Assemble Parts

The back legs of the bigger frame should be attached last. It would be the leg rest for the smaller frame. Don’t forget to prepare the middle support board as well. Hold the last two board pieces and glue them to their position. To make the back legs of the smaller frame fit to the structure, the carpenter might need to cut a slit first.

It might be intimidating at first to learn that the procedure requires a lot of cuts. However, these parts are so easy to assemble once they are prepared. Be careful when assembling the parts, as the bottom should be strong enough to support the upper ones. Otherwise, the step might not be a sturdy for adults to step on.

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