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We hope that our veraplus review will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing perfect home gadgets. A smart home should always have a good, reliable and very efficient smart home controller hub. The hub can easily be used to adapt and adjust everything the way you want, and it can totally bring in front a great sense of value and convenience regardless of the situation.

The VeraPlus is one of the most interesting models that you can find on the market right now, and that mostly comes from the clear attention to detail and the value that you can obtain from this product. They did a very good job at showing the features and qualities of this product early on, and you will be particularly impressed with the way everything works in here. That’s why we hope our veraplus review will be helpful and will help you learn more about this device.

Veraplus Review:

The Design

Just like in other VeraLite vs VeraEdge reviews, we found the VeraPlus design to be quite interesting in our review. It definitely seems like a small router, and that’s a great vibe to have from a product like this. But it does look great, you have a few buttons on the sides and the unit does have small green LEDs to let you know when something is not working the way you want and so on. Those things are definitely interesting and they do bring in front quite a lot of challenges. But then again, it’s well worth it to at least give these a shot and use them at the very least.

How Many Devices Does It Work With?

You will be impressed to see that the VeraPlus does work with around 1700 different devices. So the chances are that if you have a smart device, VeraPlus will work with that without any complicated issues. Setting up the unit is easy, as you have to plug into the router to ensure a constant internet connection. In addition, you can either use the downloadable app or the web-based interface to configure the unit itself.

For our veraplus review, we found the configuration process to be quite good and without any major problems. I believe that this product is set to bring you some rewarding results, especially when it comes to delivering a great quality and efficiency that you do not want to miss at all costs.

You do have to realize that the VeraPlus system is all about convenience, so configuring and installing it the right way will not that as much as you would imagine. That doesn’t mean it’s the simplest thing that you can find out there, but it definitely has its fair share of benefits, so you totally need to give it a shot at the very least.

But just because the unit looks great and has lots of compatible items, that doesn’t mean it will work with everything. It’s your duty to go online and check whether other people used this unit with certain products or not. Why is that necessary? Because not everything can be compatible (and in our veraplus review we can’t cover all the devices), even if you want it to be. So if you do end up getting a good item for your Smart Home, there are bound to be some challenges to consider, so you should totally check that out and keep it in mind if you want great results.

Mobile App

The Good

The fact that VeraPlus has its own mobile app and web interface is very helpful. You will not have a problem accessing any of the installed items, and usually doing that is super easy with just a click or two. Of course it might take a bit of time to get used to everything, but in the end, it’s super convenient and reliable, not to mention extremely durable all the time. In our veraplus review, we encourage you to use the VeraPlus system because it’s very convenient and reliable, and it always pushes the boundaries when it comes to making things easier and more convenient.

The Cons

But there are problems here as well. For many people, the VeraPlus app is loading extremely slow. Sure, it doesn’t matter if you just use it from time to time and everything is set up. But if you didn’t set up everything, then using this app can turn into quite the hassle. Yet it can work very well if you know what you are getting into and what approach you need to focus on. We believe that this solution does indeed work, but you must have patience with it.

There were also some small errors during our tests for this veraplus review. They appeared, but no one explains what they actually mean. And as far as we saw, VeraPlus either ignores those or solves the issues, because we didn’t really encounter any type of problem in that situation. We found this to be a clear, outstanding solution and one that ends up working extremely well. However, you have to accept some errors and caveats that will appear from time to time. That doesn’t mean things will be simple if anything there are bound to be some challenges along the way.


Veraplus Main Features

Zone-Based Fully Automatic Thermostat

One of the nicest features brought by VeraPlus is that you have a zone-based fully automatic thermostat feature. Things like this are very interesting and they can do wonders if you do them right. The benefit that comes from this is you are always in control and you are free to adjust and adapt the entire process the best way that you can.

What you have to realize is that VeraPlus does a very good job at offering you remote access. You can control everything via the app, and as long as you have an internet connection active in your home, the VeraPlus will automatically handle the entire process as you see fit and without any restrictions.


Another thing we liked about this device for our veraplus review, is that it does have its fair share of reporting features. They do a great job when it comes to reporting and adding in new features like that. It just makes a lot of sense to check out this kind of stuff, and it works extremely well, not to mention it can be super adaptable to your own requirements in the end.

Asking for a report is not something that all users will do. But it definitely makes a lot of sense and you do need to check that out at the very least. Ideally, you want to check it out and try to see how well it works as a whole. It’s not a novelty if anything it can bring in front nifty results and benefits that you can enjoy. You just have to know what you are getting into and the return on investment can be second to none all the time in that perspective. People know that it’s never going to be easy to achieve the results you want, and it all comes down to the info you get. But the VeraPlus reports are pretty complex and genuine.

How Many Sensors Can You Control?

The unit is one of the best out there because it does provide support for a plethora of sensors. You just have to figure out how many sensors you need to add. Yet VeraPlus is pretty much going to work for you since it can withstand up to 200 different sensors all working at the same time. It’s a great brain for your entire system and the best part is that it always works the way you want without any kind of restriction, to begin with. That alone will be amazing, and you do need to check it out the best way that you can for the best possible results and experience.

Adding a New Device

There’s definitely a bit of a challenge to add a new device on a unit like this. That’s because you never really know how to adjust and adapt all the experience in order to work the way you want to. Ideally you want to push the boundaries as you adjust and adapt everything to suit all your needs. It’s a great opportunity to consider and one that can bring in front really good experiences if you tackle everything the right way. Ideally you want to avoid any kind of rush here, and that’s why you need to use the one-touch settings.

The wizard based interface makes it super easy to add new items, so if that’s what you want to do then VeraPlus can easily help you without issues. That being said, you do need to double check all the device information and features to ensure that everything works correctly and the best way that you can. It’s an adaptable solution and one that does have the potential to bring you rewarding benefits all the time.

Protocol  Support

From Z-Wave to Zigbee and anything in between, VeraPlus can provide you with the utmost value and efficiency without any problems. It’s safe to say that VeraPlus comes with many features and quite a lot more when compared to the other items that you can find out there. And for the most part, this does work really well, it just needs the right amount of tinkering in order to get everything right the way you want to. It’s certainly a great opportunity and one that has the potential to pay off very well if you do it right.

They don’t have VeraLink for security devices, this can only be found in the Secure version of the product. So while the product is a bit on the expensive side, it does lack a few features that a lot of people will want to have right off the bat. But it’s certainly going to work really well in the end, all you have to do is to at least check it out and once you do that you will be quite happy with the experience as a whole.

Are There Any Fees?

There are lots of products like this which come with their own, fair share of fees. Thankfully VeraPlus doesn’t have any monthly fee, nor does it come with any contracts that are required to set up before you use it. That makes it easier and more convenient to use, not to mention it just delivers better and more comprehensive control over the entire process as you go along. You do need to check it out at the very least, just because it’s very reliable, convenient and designed to withstand a lot of hassle and pressure.

Does It Receive Updates Often?

Yes, you will notice that VeraPlus has lots of updates, in fact, it receives one or more updates every month. That’s great because you get to have more control and more convenience over all of this. one thing is certain, you are always going to be in control and that on its own can be a great thing to have. These updates range from bug fixes to the added support for new devices. So you do get quite a lot of benefits in a single package, and that on its own can work extremely well in the end. It’s the adaptability and value that comes from this which really shines, and that’s why you need to try it out at the very least. In the end, it will be one great experience to have and one that has the potential to pay off very well.

Vera Control VeraPlus-US Smart Home Controller Hub, Black

Vera Control Veraplus -US Smart Home Controller Z-Wave Wireless Security


While VeraPlus does have to report, you also have a section full of stats that helps you see the vital stats in your home. You can see what items are active, what you can access and use right now, previous history and a variety of other cool stuff. All the minor details matter when it comes to stuff like this, and the unit does deliver just about all the features you want in a pretty impressive package. Customizing and optimizing that is going to take a bit, but it’s certainly worth it.


Even if it has a few bugs and it’s a bit expensive when compared to other smart home hubs, the VeraPlus option works really well for most people and it did really good for our veraplus review. Yes, it might take a bit of time to use it adequately and the interface is not the fastest one out there. But it’s functional, reliable and it offers you a plethora of cool features to check out all the time. You definitely need to give it a shot and see for yourself how well it can work. It’s certainly going to leave a positive impact!

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