How to Make a Cutting Board from Any Wood

Woodworking may seem complicated and intimidating, but this cutting board project doesn’t. It is way easier than you may ever think. With dense hardwood and basic materials that you can purchase from nearby shop, you can make this cutting board from any wood, even from the scrap ones. Here is how you can make it:

  • Smoothly and precisely cut your wood in square shapes. Then set 2 pieces of scrap wood (at the same size) on a work surface. Assemble the wood pieces with the center piece’s grain arc facing up and two end pieces’ grain pointing down. Just make sure you perfectly alternate the wood’s end grain so that you can minimize the wood warping.

  • Glue the center of the boards together by applying the glue along the center piece of wood. Apply the glue using your finger tip on the right-side piece, and then continue gluing to the left piece’s right side. Make sure that all the woods’ edges are well lined up.

How to Make a Cutting Board from Any Wood

  • Clamp the boards with 2 pipe clamps so that you can press the boards together. Then use 4 bar clamps to make the joints straight. To prevent the clamps sticking to the glue, use parchment paper when you are using clamps on the seam. Then wipe away all glue that is squeezed out with a damp rag. Let the board be clamped for overnight.

  • Once the glue is dry, remove the clamps and scrape the excess glue using a chisel. Do the scraping off gently so that you are not marring the wood. Repeat the process on the wood seams.
  • Next, glue the pieces’ end by lining them up along the center pieces’ end grain. After that, repeat the step 2 and step 3.

  • When the glue is dry, you can remove the clamps from the board. Then, remove all the excess dry glue using a chisel. Take your orbital sander and fit it to 80-grit sanding pad. Then sand the board’s edges and sides to make every corner of the board soft. Repeat the sanding using 120-grit and continue sanding using the 220-grit sandpaper.

  • Next, before you do the finishing, make sure you already sand off all the dried glue. To give your cutting board a finishing, you can use food-safe finish such as walnut oil, mineral oil, beeswax that can be rubbed to the entire surface of the cutting board. Those solutions can be fully absorbed by the wood. After that, let the cutting board to dry for overnight before it is used.

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