What’s the Use of a 3-Way Face Clamp in Woodworking?

3-way face clamp is one of the specialty clamping tools made by Rockler. The 3-way face clamp is a very useful tool if you are to adjust face frames before the assembling process. You can also use this clamp for your edging installation. You will find that this 3-way face clamp helps your woodworking quickly, accurately, and very easily.

3-way Face Clamp Features

The clamp has three Acme screws; one acme screw is positioned on the front side while two other acme screws are on each side of the bridge. Each acme screw is being completed with a pressure pad as this pad will be used to hold the frames tightly. The depth of the jaw is 3 inches and the length of the bridge is 5 inches.

3-way face clamp is used generally to clamp the front edges of the frames; therefore, this tool is not influenced by the depth size of the cabinet. You can also use this clamp even when the backside of the cabinet is already attached. In general, the clamp is used to secure the face frames onto its cabinet boxes during the installation process. The wide bridge of the clamp is designed to reach around the face frames with a maximum width of 5 inches.

3-Way Face Clamp

The long Acme side screws can be easily adjusted by using the pushing button to rapidly position the clamp onto the face frames. After the clamp is correctly positioned onto doubled cabinet face frames, you can easily turn the screws of each acme side of the nonmarring pads to tighten the pressure pads against the frames.

3-way Face Clamp Usage

Besides being positioned for clamping doubled cabinet, you can also use a 3-way clamp for side-by-side face frames so that the front pressure pad can be adjusted properly to where it’s needed. Although a 3-way face clamp is specifically designed for the face frames, this clamp can also be used to secure the edge banding and drop edges.

When using the clamp for edge bending and drop edges, you just need to place the clamp onto the assigned field. Then, you need to adjust the edge band and tighten the pressuring pad. It is very easy to do, right?

3-Way Face Clamp

If you want to assemble your own cabinets, you can purchase this useful clamp. You can also manage your time economically as it will help finish your assembling job quickly. What are you waiting for? Go to the nearest woodworking store near your house and buy this tool!

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